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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle surely is a problem these days for people who have a hectic routine. That’s the main reason they are looking for a solution to get rid of diseases like obesity. Therefore, the best under desk treadmills are the only solution in this regard.

best under desk treadmills

What is under desk treadmill Base?

It is a pedestal platform featuring no stand or handlebars. It is slid-able under a desk or any other space. The under-desk treadmill bases come in various settings depending upon the needs of users.

Why use an under-desk treadmill?

Now that the technology is advancing, more people have started preferring smart work over hard work. It is for people who want to burn extra calories without delaying their work. Most people who have used it reported that it was easy to work out, relieve stress, and increase productivity with the help of an under desk treadmill. If you want to have an office gym, this is the perfect match for you. People having various fitness levels from pro to beginners can use under-desk treadmills. Even if you’re someone who has used none exercise equipment, it would be perfect for you to start with.

How do Under Desk Treadmill Bases Compare?

With the increasing demand for under-desk treadmills, the manufacturers have come up with various options. You can find bases in multiple sizes, designs, and configurations. With such a large number of options, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. So for a comprehensive review, we have highlighted some significant specs of best bases.

Walking Treadmill vs. Running Treadmill

Some physical activity is better than none. Walking and running both have their advantages and perks. Some people prefer to walk on a treadmill while others are more likely to run on it. A walking treadmill is a convenient option when it comes to office settings, as it has no or less sound. You can easily walk on it while working on your laptop. The main difference between walking and running treadmills is that walking treadmills don’t come with handlebars; instead, you can have a base/desk combo to work conveniently. These treadmills can be used to maintain a healthy weight and to maximize physical activity. On the contrary, the running treadmills are traditional treadmills that have large handles and produce significant noise. These are ideal for vigorous physical activity i.e., if you want to lose weight or get abs.

Under desk treadmill Base Product Categories

As we have mentioned earlier, it comes in multiple configurations and settings. Before buying an under desk treadmill first, you have to specify the one you need depending on your requirements. Next, specify your budget. Some people hanker after more powerful options to last longer. While others just want to get a thing within their budget. Here we are going to give you a detailed review of the three base categories depending upon the power and specifications of the treadmills.

Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty treadmill bases are the most advanced option in the market. These are the most robust items which last longer than other treadmill bases. If you’re someone who is going to share your treadmills with others, you can consider it as the best option as these can take more strain and weight than light-duty bases. These are the heavy-duty treadmills that can be used up to 6 hours a day with no issues. Heavy-duty treadmill bases are more reliable and sturdy than other treadmill bases. These are the technically latest units that can be used even by people up to 400 lbs. As these are the more durable options, they have hefty prices. So always check your budget before going for heavy-duty treadmill bases. Some heavy-duty treadmill bases come with a lifetime warranty, which is an added perk.

Medium Duty

Medium duty treadmill bases lie somewhere between heavy and light duty options. These are the reliable options within a budget. But medium-duty bases are hard to find as people mostly opt for heavy or light duty treadmill bases. The only popular product in this category Is Lifespan’s TR1200, which is not only durable but also comes with top-notch features. These can be perfect for you if budget is not a problem.

Light Duty

Light duty treadmill bases are ideal to be used by people having a lighter weight. They come with the shortest warranties and have the lowest budget range as compared to other treadmill bases. These are manufactured to be only used for a few hours a day. If you’re going to use your treadmill base for longer hours, go for other options as this one is not for using vigorously. But if you want to get your fitness equipment with a budget, this can be the best match for you.

Finding an ideal under desk treadmill is not as easy as it looks. Why? Because the market is inflated. But, you need not to worry about this issue. That’s because I already have compiled a list of the top 5 best choices with optimal features and at an affordable rate. Let’s have a look at reviews below :

The Best Under Desk Treadmills in 2020 – Top 5 Picks

Treadmill NameRunning/WalkingMotorPrice
1. LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk TreadmillWalking2.25 HP Check Price
2. ANCHEER Under Desk TreadmillBoth2.25 HP Check Price
3. Conquer Under Desk Portable Electric Treadmill Walking PadWalkingSuper Quiet Motor Check Price
4. Smart Folding Treadmill, 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill Under 500Both2.25 HP Check Price
5. Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking TreadmillWalking2.25 HP Check Price


LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 – Best Under Desk Treadmill 2020

The first we have got on our list is from LifeSpan. That being said, the brand new TR1200-DT3 offers a smooth workout routine and keeps you healthy for a long time period as well. In addition to that, it is made of durable and top-notch materials. Therefore, people who are looking for a long-term investment can consider this treadmill without any worries. With a smooth running and walking experience, one can easily burn a lot of calories while sitting in front of the work space. LifeSpan easily gets adjusted under the desk. Hence, using it becomes much easier than one would think. The price tag, on the other hand, is below 1000 dollars which is not so suitable for people with low-budget but is ideal for long-term investors for sure.

Talking about some general features, the best under desk treadmill under 1000 has got a phenolic deck which is sturdy, durable and can withstand high pressure easily. On the other hand, there is a console readout available within the treadmill on which you can see different statistics such as the distance covered, heartbeat, and calories burnt, etc. Additionally, the treadmill is also equipped with small portable wheels which makes it easier for you to maneuver. One of the best features that LifeSpan treadmill offers is that it is already assembled. You just need to take it out from the box and start exercise on it without any worries. Last but not least, this treadmill has got a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 2-year motor warranty along with a one-year parts warranty. So, you will have peace of mind while doing exercise on it.


While LifeSpan offers many features, it has got a hefty price range and therefore people with short budget can’t even think about getting it. However, if you have a budget around 1000 bucks, then this is surely a perfect choice for you.

  • Compact size.
  • Portable wheels are present.
  • Suitable for people with more workload.
  • Gets adjusted under the desk with ease.
  • 2.25HP electric motor available.
  • It takes up quite a bit of space.
  • Ankle straps are a little painful when fully inverted.

Final Views:

LifeSpan has introduced one of the best options on the market. It is going to keep you healthy for a long time as the quality it has got is top-notch. So, better get it if budget is not an issue for you.

Check Price:

lifespan under desk treadmill


Buy LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

ANCHEER Under Desk Treadmill – Best Treadmill with Folding Design

ANCHEER is yet another famous fitness brand which is introducing some of the best products related to fitness in an affordable price range. The 2 in 1 under desk treadmill introduced by this brand offers much more than just running. It has got a special fold-able design which means that it can be used both in the under desk position as well as in standing position. That being said, the quality of this treadmill should not be underestimated at all. That is, it has been made with premium quality materials to ensure longevity. Hence, running on this treadmill will not only keep you healthy, but you might be able to use it for a long time as well. Long story short, the treadmill from Ancheer surely is a perfect choice for people with a low budget range.

Let’s talk about some of its technical properties. First of all, this treadmill comes with a 2.25 HP motor which has a super quiet operation. Plus there is a special shock reduction system available within the treadmill which reduces the shock no matter how fast you are running on it. The 2 in 1 design, on the other hand, is perfect for a person who needs to try out different running workouts every day. A multi-function LCD panel is already present in the treadmill. Therefore, you can easily see the metrics of your exercise such as distance covered, and calories burnt, etc. Alternatively, this treadmill comes with a top-notch belt made with 7 layers to ensure a smooth-running process at the same time. Well, to make the running experience more entertaining, Bluetooth speakers are already equipped within the treadmill.


There are no major or minor issues with the treadmill. The price tag is also affordable. However, there are no wheels available under the treadmill which makes the moving process a bit difficult.

  • 2 in 1 Folding design
  • Up to 12 km/h top speed.
  • Offers a smooth running experience.
  • Ultra-quiet working operation.
  • Multi-Function LCD available.
  • Affordable price
  • No major cons.
  • Only the wheels are missing.

Final Views:

Ancheer  makes sure that you make full use out of it and remain healthy for a long time. So, better invest in it especially if the budget you have got is not too much.

Check Price:

Ancheer treadmill review


Buy ANCHEER Treadmill

Conquer Under Desk Treadmill – Cheap Treadmill Under 300

Conquer is not a well-renowned fitness brand. However, the treadmill it has introduced in the market much more than the price tag it has got. This simple, yet sturdy it offers you to remain as healthy as possible as it offers a smooth walking experience even when you are working. The design and shape are simple yet sturdy. That is, the best under desk treadmill under 300 has a durable construction to ensure longevity. Hence, you can use it for a long time and it won’t malfunction at all. With a compact size, you can adjust this treadmill under the desk easily. Long story short, this treadmill is the best you can get if you are already low on budget.

Talking about some general features, the belt that this treadmill contains is smooth and provides a smooth walking experience at the same time. On the other hand, there are special speed buttons available within the treadmill that makes you in control of the pace at which you want to do the exercise. The working operation, on the other hand, is super quiet as you won’t be hearing any noise even if you are walking at a high pace. Plus, there is no assembly required for Conquer treadmill at all. Just unbox it and start using it under the desk to achieve your fitness goals in a small time span. Lastly, with all these features, Conquer is going to cost you no more than 300 bucks. So, it is actually a pretty good investment for people who are already low on budget.


As the price tag is already low, you might miss out on some features such as no folding design, no LCD and no Bluetooth speakers. So, keep in mind that you have to compromise on some features especially if you are low on budget.

  • Compact size.
  • Easy to use.
  • No assembly required.
  • Suitable for people with low-budget.
  • Belt is durable.
  • No LCD available.
  • No folding design.

Final Views:

The cheapest under desk treadmill available in the market i.e. Conquer treadmill is the best you can get in an affordable budget. So, consider it especially if you are low on budget.

Check Price:

conquer under desk treadmill cheap


Buy Smart Folding Treadmill

4. Smart Folding Treadmill, 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill Under 500

It has got a 2 in 1 treadmill for people who are tired of using treadmills with the cheap build quality. That being said, this treadmill has made sure that you walk or run or try different workout exercises to keep yourself fit for a long time without any worries. On the other hand, the foldable treadmill option is just awesome for walking purposes. That is, it can easily be adjusted under the desk for a smooth walking experience. They have made sure that you enjoy all extra features while walking.

First of all, I am going to talk about the belt running operation which is pretty smooth. Shock absorption technology has already been added so as to make sure that there is no issue while you are running at a fast speed rate. A 2.25 HP electric motor is also present which makes the working operation quieter than ever. Plus there are Bluetooth speakers available to make the walking or running workout as entertaining as it can get. Long story short, It has made sure that you enjoy all the features of a premium treadmill but at an affordable rate.


VIOLA! There aren’t any downfalls at all. However, you have to check out the user manual guide for assembling the treadmill in the best possible manner.

  • Can be adjusted under the desk easily.
  • For running and walking.
  • 2.25 HP super-quiet electric motor.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • Smooth walking experience.
  • No major cons.
  • Requires user guide for assembly.

Final Views:

Smart Folding is the best you can get in an affordable budget. It offers you to enjoy all premium features for an improved walking experience. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.

Check Price:

under desk treadmill under 500

Buy Smart Folding Treadmill

Titan Fitness Under Desk Treadmill – Best Treadmill For The Money

The last treadmill on our list is from Titan Fitness. This treadmill has got a compact shape and is easy to adjust under the desk as well. So, while working, you will also be experiencing a smooth walking experience to make yourself as healthy as possible. The treadmill, on the other hand, comes with a solid construction as premium quality materials are used in it. Hence, it becomes easier for a person to choose it over other cheap quality treadmills available in the market.

Talking about some general features, this treadmill is best for standing desks. So, while you are making calls, doing business meetings or managing your social media handles, you are also walking on this treadmill with super-quiet operation. Plus, for safety concerns, there is a special safety key available that can avoid serious injuries if the treadmill is unable to shut down on time. Long story short, if you are looking for the best in an affordable budget, don’t forget to consider this one from Titan Fitness.


This treadmill is designed only for desks and walking. That is, one cannot run on it as it doesn’t have a 2 in 1 feature.

  • Provides a smooth walking experience.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Super quiet electric motor.
  • Not for running.

Final Views:

Titan Fitness has released the best treadmill in the market with an affordable price for sure. It will keep track of your fitness goals and will offer you a healthy walking experience as well. So, check it out if you need one at an affordable price tag.

Check Price:

Top Under Desk Treadmill titan fitness

Buy Titan Fitness Treadmill

Best under Desk Treadmills – Buying Guide 

Are you someone who spends most of their hours working from 9 to 5? And at the same time, you also want to stay healthy? Well, it might seem impossible for someone from 2009, but now as we are entering 2020, it has been made attainable. The under-desk treadmills are here to serve you in achieving your fitness goal. It is perfect to go with if you’re unable to leave your work desk and go to the gym.

It is just the same as the traditional treadmills with a variation that it doesn’t come with large handlebars. Provided with just a base, it is easy to adjust under your work surface. But before investing your money, there are certain features to consider because one stitch at a time saves nine!

Features to Consider

Walking or running on an under desk treadmill can be fun at times only if provided with the best features. There are things which you should keep in mind before buying one.

Belt Size:

The belt size is an unavoidable feature of a treadmill. The minimum belt size for running is 48 inches in length and 18 inches in width. If you’re going to use the treadmill for walking, you can go for other belt sizes.


No one would prefer to use a treadmill with cracking noise, especially in an official environment. Check if it operates correctly producing no considerable sound. If it cannot do so, there are other better options out there.

Weight Capacity:

Most come with a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. Always go for the one which suits you perfectly in terms of weight-bearing capacity.


Some treadmills have a fixed console while others come with a portable console that you can place on your standing desk or anywhere. The console gives your readouts about your workout such as step count, distance and calories burned etc.


Whether you’re buying a folding treadmill, an under-desk treadmill, or any other electric gadget, safety features are a must. Intelli-guard is a technology used in treadmills, which automatically switches off the treadmill when you’re not using it or if you step off your treadmill by chance.


How would you feel if you buy a new car and doesn’t have the space to park it ? The same goes for the under desk treadmill. Always check for the size and dimensions according to your space.

Motor Power:

The motor power determines how your workout feels. The minimum horsepower is 1.5 CHP for most treadmills. Don’t go for the ones having lesser horsepower. If you want to use your treadmill for running or vigorous use, go for treadmills having a horsepower of 2.5 to 3 CHP.


Nothing is purposeless in this world. Everything comes with some benefits, so does the under desk treadmills. Here we have listed down the top advantages

  1. Studies have shown that sitting for long hours can enhance your risk of developing spine problems. It helps you avoid such problems.
  2. Another fantastic benefit  is that you don’t have to leave your workspace or delay your deadlines. You can use it while working on your computer or laptop. It can help you best in time management.
  3. It is best in terms of occupying the space. It won’t cause you much trouble because of its sleek design.
  4. You can get a healthy body while working. Yeah! That’s true.
  5. Walking regularly on a treadmill strengthen your muscles and bones.
  6. Walking or running on a treadmill like other exercise forms burn calories. So you won’t have to worry about the extra calories without doing much.
  7. You will feel more energized by the end of the day. It will boost your metabolism hence producing more energy.
  8. Last but not least, it improves your mental health and creativity. Studies have shown that walking for 30 minutes in a day can prove to be a stress reliever for you.

Considering an integrated treadmill desk

Most people like to buy an integrated system when it comes to the under-desk treadmill. An integrated system comprises a base and a standing desk. Some people prefer to use only a base while others want to have a desk. It purely depends on your needs to go for either. Some manufacturers offer an all in one system, but you can also mix and match components to make your system.

The integrated treadmill desks can be a bit tricky to choose from. There are certain factors to keep in mind before going for desks. Let’s have a look at them

Desk Height

How would you feel is you buy a pair of shoes, but it doesn’t fit your size? No one would feel good. The same goes for the treadmill desk height. Desk height is the most crucial feature to look at before buying a desk. Always opt for the right size according to your height.

Desk Stability

A shaky deck is likely to frustrate you, and you would end up quitting the exercise. Always go for four-legged desks as these are more stable than the two-legged desks. Make sure the desk is not shaking when you walk or run on your treadmill.

Customize able Option

The desks with customize-able options are better than the ones who lack customization. The desk should fit your office causing no space issues.


Just like the treadmill bases, the desks also come with different warranties. Some come with a lifetime warranty while others have shorter warranties. If you’re investing a considerable amount of money on a desk, always check the warranty. If it comes with a lifetime warranty, then that’s a plus.

How to use an under table treadmill desk?

It is recommended to walk 1-2 mph on it. If you go faster than this, it can affect your work. It becomes difficult to type or to operate the mouse. Besides, if you run on an under table treadmill, you can get sweaty, which is not an appreciated thing in the office environment. Most treadmills come with various configurations and options. Once you get your treadmill, don’t forget to look at all the available options. 


Here we have listed down the frequently asked questions about the under desk treadmill bases and desks

Can you run on these under the table treadmills?

It depends on the horsepower of your treadmill. Most under desk treadmills comes with 2 to 3 CHP, which is suitable for walking. But if you want to use the treadmill table for running, go for the one that comes with 3 or up CHP.

Do treadmill desks work?

Yes. If you find the perfect desk according to your needs, it will surely work for you. Some people don’t consider the necessary features when buying the desk, hence ending up getting the wrong product. But if you look closely when buying a desk, it can work wonders for you.

Is it safe?

Most people find the under-desk treadmills safer than going outside for walking. First, because you don’t have to leave your space. Second, you can avoid environmental hindrances. Third, you’re most likely to avoid any harmful events out there.

How many hours a day should I walk on my treadmill desk?

Well, the answer to this question varies according to your needs, fitness goals, and your current physical state. Some people can walk for long hours with no issues, while others find it tiring to walk continuously for even one hour. We recommend you to walk and decide on your schedule.

Our Best Choice:

That would be all. I hope that you might be able to find the best from the list I have mentioned above. In case you are still worried about making a final decision, I will recommend you to go for LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 as it’s the best under desk treadmill out there.

Good Luck!!