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Working out has become so much more comfortable with the introduction of smart treadmills. Treadmills are the perfect workout equipment for everyone as it helps to increase the stamina.  As of 2017, there were around 52.97 million treadmill users in the USA alone.

In the current times of pandemic, Covid-19 was going to the gym is nothing but a nightmare, its better to workout at homes. To stay fit and healthy, a treadmill is the best option, especially the smart treadmills that help you perform hundreds of workouts using a treadmill. To help you with your quest to find the best treadmill, we bring a review of Proform Smart Performance 600i treadmill. Without further ado, let’s dig into the review.

Proform 600i Treadmill Vs. Proform Performance Smart 600i treadmill

Although both the treadmills have the same name and most of the reviewers and customers have mistaken the two products, they both are different. They both have different motor, weight, speed, length of the running belt, and many other features. However, the prominent difference is that the Smart 600i comes with an HD touch screen.


Rating: 4.5/5
Model Number PFTL79518.0
Speed 0 – 10 mph
Incline 0 – 10%
Motor 2.55 CHP
Deck 18″ x 55″
Belt ProShox Cushioning
Folding? Yes
Programs 50
Max. Weight 300 lbs
Heart Rate EKG Heart Rate Monitor
Dimensions 69.8″ x 33.5″ x 56.42″
Display 10” HD Swipeable Touchscreen
Cooling Fans Yes
Accessory Tray Yes
Speakers Yes
Quick Controls Yes
Tablet holder Yes
Warranty Frame: Lifetime

Motor: 25 Years

Parts: 1 Year

Labor: 1 Year

Pros & Cons:

  • It has an EasyLift assist option that makes folding and unfolding treadmill easier.
  • The 2.5 CHP motor makes treadmill operate faster.
  • You can adjust the speed from 0.5 to 10 mph, which, combined with incline, gives you the power of a strong workout.
  • It has a digital incline of 0 to 10 percent, making your workout smoother.
  • The 18 inches wide and 55 inches long tread belt gives the user a natural running experience.
  • The shock absorption system keeps your position strong while workout.
  • It has a CoolAire workout fan, which helps you keep fresh during your jogging and running.
  • You get 25 years of warranty for the motor alone.
  • It can be difficult to assemble the treadmill alone.
  • This treadmill is not for someone with longer heights of 6-ft.
  • The console can be difficult to view for people during the workout. It is better to attach an external tablet.
  • iFit subscription is free for one-year only.


With the price so affordable, the overall design of the Proform Performance 600i treadmill is similar to expensive and high-end treadmills. It comes with a smart display, which gives you unmatched workout experience. However, it is not a small treadmill that can fit in the corner of your bedroom or living room. The footprint of the 600i treadmill is 33.5 inches wide, 69.8 inches deep, and 56.42 inches tall, taking a lot of space. To use it, you need substantial space, but its foldable mechanism allows you to store the treadmill even in your walk-in closet. The running surface or the running stride of Proform 600i treadmill is 55 inches, making it difficult to use for individuals with taller heights. The build of the treadmill is strong and sturdy, which makes it capable of handling people with maximum weights of 300 pounds.

Proform Performance 600i Treadmill Motor

The life of a treadmill is based on two main components. Namely, it’s motor and its running belt. The performance 600i treadmill is equipped with a mid-tier performing motor, that has an overall house power of 2.5 CHP. Although it’s motor with strong house power, however, it is not suitable for people focusing more on walking and jogging. As for running a 3.5 CHP motor treadmill is a better choice. This motor allows you to set a speed between 0 to 10 Mph, which is within the average range. You can increase the speed in two increments, i.e., 0.1 and 1 depending on how fast you can shift between the speeds. What are you waiting for? Just begin your daily workout easily by switching on the treadmill by connecting it with the 120-volts power supply. However, the company recommends plugging the treadmill using a surge suppressor to avoid any damage to the machine because of any voltage fluctuation.

Proform Performance 600i Treadmill Console

The console of Proform performance 600i treadmill has one of the most interactive displays than the other treadmills in the same range. It comes with a 10-inch HD touch screen, which makes your workout experience phenomenal. The screen on the console is a touch screen, removing the push button systems in most of the treadmills under $1k. With this treadmill watching your workout programs and checking your workout metrics has become easier than ever! The console also allows you to set your display to any external location from the world through Google maps, giving you an outdoor workout feel, even in this time of Covid-19.

Apart from an HD screen, it also comes with a tablet holder. Be it a large-sized or small-sized tablet, you can easily attach it with the treadmill. The overall display is simpler to read, especially if you have been tired of traditional treadmill displays. There are 1 to 10 buttons engraved with numbers that you can choose directly for incline and speed.  It also has two cup holders or storage areas, and speakers which you can connect with your phone or tablet through an auxiliary cable. The best feature of this treadmill is that it also has a fan attached to so that you can have a comfortable workout experience during summers!

To connect your console, connect it to your wireless network. Then by choosing the iFit option, you can log-in to your iFit account. You can also calibrate your incline with the application, which makes the incline automatic while performing a specific built-in workout.

Proform Performance 600i Treadmill Workout Programs

There are 50 treadmill workout programs in this treadmill, which is quite overwhelming for people who are new treadmill users. The performance 600i treadmill is known to be a smart treadmill as you can connect it with an external workout application called iFit. The best thing is it comes with a one-year free subscription of iFit. The console of the latest version of the 600i treadmill has a huge screen that lets you view your workout on the treadmill without connecting it to any external device. Not only this, but the workout scene is also interactive to the extent that you can set it to a serene outdoor screen though Google maps. It gives you a feel of being running and jogging outdoors. The treadmill inclines itself depending on the virtual terrain that the user has chosen amongst one of the workout programs. Be it summers or winters, you can now run outdoors without burning in the heat or getting cold in the chilled weather. Although having iFit connected to the treadmill is a huge plus point, the users with longer height have complained of requiring to bending their necks while viewing the screen. Even if it’s a minor detail, its worth consideration for any further updates in this treadmill.

Proform Performance Treadmill 600i Incline

Even though this treadmill is not manufactured for gyms, it has all the features of a high-end treadmill. It has digital 0 to 10 percent quick incline control, giving you complete control of your workout. Unlike its previous version, that had only two incline mode, this updated version is definitely worth the investment.

Proform Performance Treadmill 600i Running Surface

The tread belt of Proform performance treadmill 600i running surface is of 18” x 55”, The 55” allows you to stride comfortably, if you have a height lesser than 6 ft. Also, the 18” wide tread belt gives enough space to your elbows having a stretched stride throughout your workout without any fear of hurting yourself. But again, this treadmill is not built for someone with a height of around 6ft.  The running surface is equipped with ProShox cushioning that protects the user while they are running and jogging. Underneath the running surface, four shock absorbers are positioned in a way that the overall impact of the feet is reduced. If you are suffering from muscle disease like arthritis, then this treadmill is perfect for you. This helps to keep the machine from shaking or moving from its place, which keeps your overall posture straight while you work out.

Proform Performance Treadmill 600i Assembly

The Proform performance treadmill 600i comes is easier to assemble if you are someone that has an interest in nuts and bolts. You just need a hex key, Philips screwdriver, and adjustable wrench to attach put your treadmill together. It takes an hour or so for complete assembly. Since it’s a huge treadmill, it takes people to assemble the treadmill properly. All the parts are marked L for left and R for right, to make it convenient to attach the treadmill parts. The treadmill comes with a detailed user manual that gives specifications regarding the assembling of the treadmill. However, if you are unsure about your electronic assembling capabilities, we recommend asking the seller to offer assembling services. It should be noted that you have to pay a certain fee for getting your treadmill assembled.

You need to register your treadmill as soon as you receive it. There are two ways you can register the Proform Performance 600i treadmill. Firstly, visit Go to, and fill the form given with your product details including, the price, serial number, model number, and version number. Once done, simply click register and voila your device has been registered to your name.

In case you don’t have an internet connection, simply call Proform customer service and register your treadmill through a phone call.

Proform Performance Treadmill 600i Heart Rate

Heart rate monitoring helps you to stay on the course of your workout routine. It helps to build endurance by thoroughly monitoring your heart rate. The Proform 600i Smart treadmill comes with heart rate monitors attached to the handlebar. The heart rate bar is connected with the Bluetooth connection. If your phone or tablet is synced with the treadmill, you can keep track of your heart rate throughout the workout.

Proform Performance Treadmill 600i Troubleshooting

You might face some issues during the use of this treadmill. To help you troubleshoot minor issues, here are some useful tips along with the issues.

Issue No 1: The tread belt slows while walking on it

  • First, ensure that the surge suppressor you are using meets all the requirements, i.e., UL-1449 transient voltage surge suppressor.
  • Also, check if the walking belt is not too tight, as it can slow down the belt speed. It should be noted that if this issue is avoided, it may damage the tread belt.
  • If the above two options do not work, reset your treadmill.

Issue No 2: The power turns off during the use

  • Ensure that the switch button on the treadmill has not tipped off.
  • Check the power cord as it might get lost from the switchboard.
  • Remove the key from the console and re-insert it.

Issue No 3: The 600i Treadmill Does Not Connect To Wireless Network

  • From the main menu, select Wireless Network Settings.
  • Enable Wi-Fi from the list.
  • Add your Wi-Fi details.
  • If your Wi-Fi details are correct, it will connect, and in case it does not connect, contact the iFit support.

Issue No 4: The Console does not work properly

  • In case the console freezes and does not work properly, reset the console to default factory settings.
  • Ensure that the power switch is off.
  • To reset the console, there is a need for two people. First, locate the small reset opening on the console, open it and with the help of bent paper clip, press and hold the reset button inside the opening.
  • As the first person pushes the reset button, the second person must switch on the power button. This will reset your console, and now you can continue working out.


Can You Use The Proform Performance 600i With Or Without iFit?

Yes, you can use Proform Performance 600i treadmill with and without iFit. iFit gives you access to hundreds of workouts with professional trainers throughout the world. However, if you don’t want to use it with iFit, you can benefit from the 50 manual workouts. You can easily access manual workouts by returning to the main menu and then press the manual workout button on the upper-right corner of the screen. You can view your manual work out details on the HD touch screen.

ProForm Performance 600i is best suited for whom?

This treadmill is suited best for people who are not hardcore workers but rather beginners. Also, it is not for those having longer heights as the length and width of the tread belt is does not allow longer heightened people to run or even jog comfortably. The motor of the machine is 2.5 CHP, which works best for walking and mild jogging. Since the overall weight limit of Proform 600i treadmill is 300 pounds, people with higher weights should refrain from using it.

What Is The Size Of The Proform Performance 600i?

The boxed product measures 12.75” H X 30.13” W X 76.57” L, and the box weighs 210 pounds. However, the product itself, when set up, measures 56.42” H x 33.5” W x 69.8” L.

How Much Does The Proform Performance 600i Weigh?

The overall item weight is 3.52 ounces, whereas the shipping weight is 210 pounds.

Does Proform Performance 600i fold?

Yes, it comes with an EasyLift assist option that helps you to fold and unfold the treadmill easily.

Is the heart rate monitoring accurate on the Performance 600i Treadmill?

Yes, heart rate monitoring is accurate. In fact, by connecting it to your smartphone or tablet with a Bluetooth connection can help you monitor your heart rate effectively.

 What is iFit?

iFit is a mobile application that is your one-stop solution for tracking your fitness and workout needs. You can have a wearable device connected with iFit, or you can buy any exercise machine such as a treadmill, or elliptical to track your exercise and workouts. It is also a fitness coach with hundreds of built-in workouts.

How hard is the set-up of Proform 600i treadmill?

It comes with a user manual that makes the treadmill assembling easier. In case you are unable to do so, you can ask the company to send an employee for assembling, which requires you to pay some minimal fee.

What if I don’t like the Proform 600i treadmill?

Yes, you can return the machine to the company. Still, given the size and handling of the treadmill, you have to pay return shipping fees as well as 10 percent of the restocking fees. Also, if the item has been shipped and hasn’t been delivered, you still have to pay the return shipping fee and the 10 percent restocking fees.

Is The Proform SMART Performance 600i Treadmill Worth Buying?

After all this discussion, one question remains should I buy the Proform Performance 600i treadmill? Is it worth the investment? As per customer reviews and analysis of the other treadmills within the same product range, this treadmill is only good for people who want to walk and jog for a longer time. If you are a runner, then you should not consider buying this treadmill as its 2.5 CHP motor is not enough to handle running. Although it is quite versatile and affordable, even fits in your home, it is not worth buying if you plan to use it for a longer time duration.