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One of the most common questions I’m asked by women looking to lose fat and build an awesome body is – “Do I need supplements?”
In truth, you don’t need supplements as your training and diet can account for at least 90% of your results, but as the name suggests, supplements can be useful to supplement everything else, and just give you that extra boost. Another myth is that females shouldn’t take the same supplements as men, or even use supplements in general. Again though, this is false. While some supplements work better for one gender than the other, on the whole, supplements are universal.

Disclaimer : Just check with your doctor before you start taking any specific supplements.

Basic Weight Loss Supplements

While not essential, if you’re looking for supplements to speed the process along, you can’t go wrong with:

Protein Powder

As mentioned earlier, it can be tough getting in a higher protein intake from food alone, which means many women find protein powders useful. Look for a basic whey or casein protein as a way of upping your protein intake in a cheap, convenient and tasty manner.

Fish Oils

Fish oils are a type of fat, and while that may sound counterproductive, the type of fat they contain (omega-3) have been associated with better heart health, reducing disease risk and speeding up fat loss.


It can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need through diet alone, even if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, so a multivitamin helps to cover your bases and ensures you’re getting everything you need.

Vitamin D

This is often known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ as your body makes vitamin D by synthesizing cholesterol in the skin when in contact with sunlight. As many of us live in areas where it’s not sunny year round, it makes sense to add a vitamin D supplement into your


Though creatine is usually taken as a muscle-building supplement, it has some interesting benefits in terms of training performance and recovery. It might not be as applicable as the others here, but if you want a boost for your workouts, you can take it without fear of bulking up.


Not a regular coffee drinker? Then you might find a caffeine supplement pre-workout comes in useful.

You can try other supplements, such as specialist recovery shakes, BCAAs, fat-burners or different vitamins, but with most, the rewards may not justify the costs, so stick with the basics above and you’ll be fine.